What is this?

Somewhere in the countless rows of film reels and endless folders of downloaded high-definition video files, somewhere between an assembly of dressed-up retributors and a bad marriage of resurrected body parts, somewhere deep between the cushions of the crimson cinema seats, skies shift between a vague white and deep black, and the dreams that you’ve never dared to dream, really do come true.
This blog celebrates film, in all its glory and failure: from Nicolas Cage’s maddening face to Uma Thurman’s wiggling big toe; from The Rocky Horror Picture Show to Casablanca; from The Bride of Frankenstein to Alien vs Predator.

In the physical world Filmfroth takes on the fleshy form of Jorn Beuzekom, an Amsterdam-based human being facing life’s many challenges armed with an unrivalled mediocrity and a secret crush on Jeff Goldblum.